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Across The Dangerous Ocean


Across The Dangerous Ocean summary: Yuer Le saved a mystery man from the deep sea, but she would never have thought that she would be dragged into a whirlpool of conspiracy… Best friend who went missing, dangerous investigator job, well-planned schemes, the bossy yet affectionate heir of the financial group, the quiet and gentle bodyguard, the proud gang childe, the mystery detective… It’s a story about trust and betrayal, conspiracy and truth, growth and love.

Chapters List

1.Chapter 0: Prologue

2.Chapter 1: Time For Your Penalty

3.Chapter 2: Romantic Encounter

4.Chapter 3: How Lucky That You're Here

5.Chapter 4: Sound of Heartbeat

6.Chapter 5: Best friend missing?!

7.Chapter 6: Do You Need a Pretty Assistant?

8.Chapter 7: Risking It For You

9.Chapter 8: Sudden Confession

10.Chapter 9: I've Been Waiting for You.

11.Chapter 10: Is That You?

12.Chapter 11: Sudden Explosion

13.Chapter 12: Investigating Each Other

14.Chapter 13: Getting Out Alive

15.Chapter 14: How dare take advantage of me?!

16.Chapter 15: Forced Love

17.Chapter 16: Protect

18.Chapter 17: Let go of my girl!

19.Chapter 18: Cruel people don't say much.

20.Chapter 19: The Most Familiar Stranger

21.Chapter 20: Strange Relationship

22.Chapter 21: Follow Through To The End

23.Chapter 22: Getting Caught

24.Chapter 23: Raising Stakes

25.Chapter 24: Be Good

26.Chapter 25: Soul Gaze

27.Chapter 26: Lamb Waiting To Be Executed

28.Chapter 27: Hurting Each Other

29.Chapter 28: Only One Master Dotes On

30.Chapter 29: Getting Closer To The Truth

31.Chapter 30: Wise Men Know When To Retreat

32.Chapter 31: Give him an inch, and he takes a...

33.Chapter 32: New Female Partner

34.Chapter 33: Deep Friendship

35.Chapter 34: Birthday Party? Trap?

36.Chapter 35: Girl in Bathing Never Concede

37.Chapter 36: Returning the Forced Kissed

38.Chapter 37: Woman or Pet?

39.Chapter 38: Free to Move on Your Own

40.Chapter 39: Protect

41.Chapter 40: I want to eat you

42.Chapter 41: Eaten Up by A Hungry Wolf

43.Chapter 42: Use Me

44.Chapter 43: Bait

45.Chapter 44: Not Someone to Mess With

46.Chapter 45: Frame

47.Chapter 46: Watch Your Girl

48.Chapter 47: Won't Let Go of You

49.Chapter 48: Why is it you?

50.Chapter 49: Birth Secret

51.Chapter 50: Everyone's Target

52.Chapter 51: Let me make it up to you

53.Chapter 52: Falling For the Trick

54.Chapter 53: Isn't that too attractive?

55.Chapter 54: Such Firm Muscles

56.Chapter 55: Rib Cartilage

57.Chapter 56: Half Seawater, Half Flames

58.Chapter 57: Rest Assured and Stand Behind Me

59.Chapter 58: Go back on your words?

60.Chapter 59: Kiss Goodbye

61.Chapter 60: Whirlpool of Emotions

62.Chapter 61: Old Lover?

63.Chapter 62: Dream Different Dreams in the Same Bed

64.Chapter 63: Hard To Escape

65.Chapter 64: Little tiger, where you go?

66.Chapter 65: Overdone...

67.Chapter 66: Even? No way!

68.Chapter 67: She Left

69.Chapter 68: Ill Intentions

70.Chapter 69: Crazy Love

71.Chapter 70: Contradiction of Mistresses

72.Chapter 71: Private Room

73.Chapter 72: Jealous

74.Chapter 73: Too hot! I can't see!

75.Chapter 74: Taming a Wild Animal

76.Chapter 75: Wanted List

77.Chapter 76: Only want to push you down.

78.Chapter 77: Imaginary Enemy

79.Chapter 78: Time To Do It

80.Chapter 79: Deadly Threat

81.Chapter 80: Got My Achilles Heel

82.Chapter 81: Witness the Shooting

83.Chapter 82: Worried About Him

84.Chapter 83: Tough Choices

85.Chapter 84: Domineering Gentleness

86.Chapter 85: You're mine.

87.Chapter 86: Why Horus is here?

88.Chapter 87: Horus' Background

89.Chapter 88: Through Thick and Thin With You

90.Chapter 89: Responsibility For You

91.Chapter 90: Keep a Distance Away

92.Chapter 91

93.Chapter 92

94.Chapter 93

95.Chapter 94

96.Chapter 95

97.Chapter 96

98.Chapter 97

99.Chapter 98

100.Chapter 99

101.Chapter 100

102.Chapter 101

103.Chapter 102

104.Chapter 103

105.Chapter 104

106.Chapter 105

107.Chapter 106

108.Chapter 107

109.Chapter 108

110.Chapter 109

111.Chapter 110

112.Chapter 111

113.Chapter 112

114.Chapter 113

115.Chapter 114

116.Chapter 115

117.Chapter 116

118.Chapter 117

119.Chapter 118

120.Chapter 119

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