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The Jewel accidentally shatters into many bits which are dispersed across Japan when a beast from that age attempts to take the magical Shikon Jewel embodied in Kagome. Inuyasha and Kagome begin traveling to regain it before all the shards are found by the strong demon Naraku. Inuyasha and Kagome develop several allies throughout their journey, as Miroku, Shippo, Sango and Kirara. In sharp contrast to the usually comedic nature of much of the previous work of Takahashi, Inuyasha deals with subject matter that is darker, utilizing the setting of the Sengoku period to readily show the content that is violent.

Inuyasha manga
The narrative starts on the fifteenth birthday of Kagome Higurashi, a girl who lives with her mom, grandpa and little brother on the property of her family's hereditary Shinto shrine in Tokyo. When she goes to the good house to retrieve her cat, a centipede demon pulls the girl into it and bursts out of the enshrined Bone Eater's Well. The centipede demon is shown to have been after a magic jewel before being slain with a priestess named Kikyo, called the Shikon Jewel. Animated by the power in our time of the Shikon Jewel and mistaking her for Kikyo, the devil tries to kill the jewel to be gained by Kagome.

The youth is shown by the nearby villagers to be Inuyasha, a half-dog demon who had been sealed by way of a perishing Kikyo fifty years back after being seemingly betrayed by her and trying to take the Shikon Jewel (which allows any wish the bearer want) to be able to be a full demon. After his dad's sword Tetsusaiga is gained by Inuyasha and is subdued by a charming necklace to keep him in line, he helps Kagome in coping with all the hazards they cause and gathering the shards.

The two are joined in their own pursuit the somewhat revived Kikyo and from the young fox demon Shippo while coping with third parties groups like Inuyasha's older brother Sesshomaru, whose own version of what occurred years past brings the occasions into question. When joined a perverted monk whose bloodline is cursed, by Miroku, Kagome and Inuyasha learn the truth: the first disagreement between Kikyo and Inuyasha, disclosed to initially be fans, was due to a devious half-demon named Naraku. The developing Naraku is disclosed to have been born from your spirit of an evil guy named Onigumo inhabiting a body made within a pact by innumerable devils and who additionally put the hex on the family of Miroku. Sango, a devil slayer whose family was killed when her younger brother Kohaku fell under Naraku's control shortly joins after Inuyasha's group. Over time, Tetsusaiga abilities are enhanced by Inuyasha as he competes with Naraku's minion avatars like Kagura as well as the reanimated Band of Seven. The team of Inuyasha is broadly allied by Sesshomaru, Kikyo, as well as Koga who desires to avenge his comrades while flirting with Kagome was named by a wolf demon.

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While his heart is briefly removed by Naraku in the type of the Infant, who after tries to overthrow Naraku through his boat Moryomaru, Kohaku recovers his freewill and memories, as he tries to help out of remorse for indirectly killing his dad. With Inuyasha, matters settle throughout that time to empower his brother to its best capabilities to perfect Tetsusaiga. Eventually, Koga is made to stand on the sidelines, Kikyo posthumously uses the last of her capacity to give a second chance at life to Kohaku, and the Shikon Jewel is eventually reassembled by Naraku. The gem means to have so Naraku and she is going to be immobilized in battle for perpetuity, Kagome make a selfish wish. But for the Shikon Jewel, Kagome wishes with Inuyasha by her side to vanish. The actions, though, causes Kagome to go back together with the Well sealed to her time, inducing Inuyasha and her to lose contact for 3 years.

Because point, the Sengoku period changes dramatically: Miroku and Sango have three kids together; Kohaku restarts his journey to be a devil slayer that is powerful as his company with Kirara; and the seventh position is attained by Shippo as a fox demon. Kagome returns to the Sengoku period where she becomes his wife and remains with Inuyasha.

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Chapters List

1.Vol.1 Chapter 1 : The Sealed-Away Boy

2.Vol.1 Chapter 2 : Inuyasha Revived

3.Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Those After The Jewel

4.Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Corpse Dancing Crow

5.Vol.1 chapter 5 : Kagome's Arrow

6.Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Inverted-Hair Yura

7.Vol.1 Chapter 7 : The Bone Gobbling Well

8.Vol.1 Chapter 8 : The Return

9.Vol.2 chapter 9 : Yura's Nest

10.Vol.2 Chapter 10 : Distress

11.Vol.2 Chapter 11 : The Transferred Soul

12.Vol.2 Chapter 12 : Half Demon

13.Vol.2 chapter 13 : A Mother's Face

14.Vol.2 Chapter 14 : Nothing Woman

15.Vol.2 Chapter 15 : The Black Pearl

16.Vol.2 Chapter 16 : Tetsusaiga

17.Vol.2 Chapter 17 : Transformation

18.Vol.2 Chapter 18 : Memento

19.Vol.3 Chapter 19 : Spirit Of The Castle

20.Vol.3 Chapter 20 : Tsukumo No Gama

21.Vol.3 Chapter 21 : The Heart Remains

22.Vol.3 Chapter 22 : Pleading For Life

23.Vol.3 Chapter 23 : The Adhering Mask

24.Vol.3 Chapter 24 : The Broken Body

25.Vol.3 Chapter 25 : The Flesh Eating Mask

26.Vol.3 Chapter 26 : I Will Save You, But...

27.Vol.3 Chapter 27 : The Broken Half

28.Vol.3 Chapter 28 : Foxfire

29.Vol.4 Chapter 29 : The Thunder Beast Brothers

30.Vol.4 Chapter 30 : The Beloved Woman

31.Vol.4 Chapter 31 : Kagome’S Ruse

32.Vol.4 Chapter 32 : Eating Spiritual Power

33.Vol.4 Chapter 33 : Discarding The Scabbard

34.Vol.4 Chapter 34 : The Scabbard Calls

35.Vol.4 Chapter 35 : Little Poltergeist

36.Vol.4 Chapter 36 : Until The Eyes Open...

37.Vol.4 Chapter 37 : To Hell

38.Vol.4 Chapter 38 : To Calm The Soul

39.Vol.5 Chapter 39 : Spider Heads

40.Vol.5 Chapter 40 : New Moon

41.Vol.5 Chapter 41 : Spider Web

42.Vol.5 Chapter 42 : Within The Barrier

43.Vol.5 Chapter 43 : Inuyasha Revives

44.Vol.5 Chapter 44 : Location Of The Fragments

45.Vol.5 Chapter 45 : Bones And Earth

46.Vol.5 Chapter 46 : Shadow Of The Self

47.Vol.5 Chapter 47 : Rejection

48.Vol.5 Chapter 48 : Betrayal

49.Vol.6 Chapter 49 : Malice

50.Vol.6 Chapter 50 : The Torn-Away Soul

51.Vol.6 Chapter 51 : The Delinquent Priest

52.Vol.6 Chapter 52 : Jewel Thief

53.Vol.6 Chapter 53 : Air Rip

54.Vol.6 Chapter 54 : The Cursed Hand

55.Vol.6 Chapter 55 : Pocket Oni

56.Vol.6 Chapter 56 : Controlling The Oni

57.Vol.6 chapter 57 : A Painter's Dream

58.Vol.6 Chapter 58 : Tainted Ink

59.Vol.7 Chapter 59 : Temporary Arm

60.Vol.7 chapter 60 : Tetsusaiga's Power

61.Vol.7 Chapter 61 : Saimyoushou

62.Vol.7 Chapter 62 : Snatch The Arm

63.Vol.7 Chapter 63 : Regain

64.Vol.7 Chapter 64 : Parting

65.Vol.7 Chapter 65 : Onigumo

66.Vol.7 Chapter 66 : The Mark Of Evil

67.Vol.7 Chapter 67 : Two Eras

68.Vol.7 Chapter 68 : Torn Barrier

69.Vol.8 Chapter 69 : Indication

70.Vol.8 Chapter 70 : Reunion

71.Vol.8 Chapter 71 : Naraku

72.Vol.8 Chapter 72 : Identification

73.Vol.8 Chapter 73 : Dead Soul

74.Vol.8 Chapter 74 : A Soul Beyond Redemption

75.Vol.8 chapter 75 : Kikyou's Barrier

76.Vol.8 Chapter 76 : A Scent Of Death

77.Vol.8 chapter 77 : Kagome's Voice

78.Vol.8 Chapter 78 : A Tender Smell

79.Vol.9 Chapter 79 : The Fruits Of Evil

80.Vol.9 Chapter 80 : The Secret Garden

81.Vol.9 Chapter 81 : Stomach Trouble

82.Vol.9 Chapter 82 : The Night Kitchen

83.Vol.9 chapter 83 : Peach Man's Necter

84.Vol.9 Chapter 84 : The Enchanted Bow

85.Vol.9 Chapter 85 : The Soul Of A Demon

86.Vol.9 Chapter 86 : The Exterminators

87.Vol.9 Chapter 87 : The Ambush

88.Vol.9 Chapter 88 : Within The Fort

89.Vol.10 Chapter 89 : Mummy

90.Vol.10 Chapter 90 : Nemesis

91.Vol.10 Chapter 91 : Distrust

92.Vol.10 Chapter 92 : The Scheme

93.Vol.10 Chapter 93 : Puppet

94.Vol.10 Chapter 94 : Birth Of The Jewel

95.Vol.10 Chapter 95 : Water God

96.Vol.10 Chapter 96 : Holy Weapon

97.Vol.10 Chapter 97 : True Nature Of The God

98.Vol.10 Chapter 98 : The True Water God

99.Vol.11 Chapter 99 : Water-Spout

100.Vol.11 Chapter 100 : Judgement On The Snake

101.Vol.11 Chapter 101 : The Air-Rip Wound

102.Vol.11 chapter 102 : Mushin's Temple

103.Vol.11 Chapter 103 : Rescue Miroku

104.Vol.11 Chapter 104 : Kokochuu

105.Vol.11 chapter 105 : Miroku's Life Span

106.Vol.11 Chapter 106 : Kohaku

107.Vol.11 chapter 107 : Kohaku's Life

108.Vol.11 chapter 108 : Sango's Betrayal

109.Vol.12 chapter 109 : Naraku's Castle

110.Vol.12 Chapter 110 : Miasma

111.Vol.12 Chapter 111 : Purification

112.Vol.12 Chapter 112 : Jinenji

113.Vol.12 Chapter 113 : The Attack

114.Vol.12 chapter 114 : A Half-Youkai's Desire

115.Vol.12 Chapter 115 : Home

116.Vol.12 Chapter 116 : The Hole Of Evil

117.Vol.12 Chapter 117 : Oath Fulfillment

118.Vol.12 Chapter 118 : Kodoku

119.Vol.13 chapter 119 : Kikyou's Arrow

120.Vol.13 chapter 120 : The Kodoku's Location

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