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Strongest Anti M.E.T.A


Strongest Anti M.E.T.A summary: Scamming all day, every day, often venturing alone. He bluffs to get the ultimate power in this cultivation world?! world traveler Xue Que doesn’t always bluff, but he needs to.

Chapters List

1.Chapter 1

2.Chapter 1.5

3.Chapter 2

4.Chapter 2.5

5.Chapter 3

6.Chapter 4

7.Chapter 5

8.Chapter 6

9.Chapter 7

10.Chapter 8

11.Chapter 9

12.Chapter 10

13.Chapter 11

14.Chapter 18

15.Chapter 19: Acting tough points are far exceeded expectation

16.Chapter 20: I have left my name in the whole...

17.Chapter 21: Feel ill at ease

18.Chapter 22: I'm so sorry

19.Chapter 23: All of you go to hell!

20.Chapter 24: Get out of me

21.Chapter 25: Blood for blood

22.Chapter 26: The buddha's fiery lotus, explode!

23.Chapter 27: The end of the celestial sect

24.Chapter 28: The opponent of acting tough

25.Chapter 29: Stay here and watch me acting tough

26.Chapter 30: The roast chicken-wings, I love them!

27.Chapter 31: I even had rocs before

28.Chapter 32: Seckilling Song Yunhai

29.Chapter 33: A wound

30.Chapter 34: Unwillingness

31.Chapter 35: Let's fire tonight!

32.Chapter 36: Terrifying destructive power

33.Chapter 37: Show them my god powered cannon

34.Chapter 38: Shoot them again

35.Chapter 39: The way of resurrection

36.Chapter 40: Mysterious man

37.Chapter 41: The Consort in My Heart

38.Chapter 42: Meeting Enemies Open Old Wounds

39.Chapter 37: Show them my god powered cannon

40.Chapter 38: Shoot them again

41.Chapter 39: The way of resurrection

42.Chapter 40: Mysterious man

43.Chapter 41: The Consort in My Heart

44.Chapter 42: Meeting Enemies Open Old Wounds

45.Chapter 43: The Vicious Woman

46.Chapter 44: Cleverness May Overreach Itself

47.Chapter 45: Strong Effect

48.Chapter 46: I Can Scheme Again

49.Chapter 47: The First Pass

50.Chapter 48: Spliting the Mountain, Cleaving the Wave, Everything Open...

51.Chapter 49: Kneel down, Kowtow, and Apologize

52.Chapter 50: Take the exam with myself

53.Chapter 51: Is there any stars in the star grass

54.Chapter 52: It's time for the Miracle

55.Chapter 53: The Brightest Star in the Sky

56.Chapter 54: The Upstanding Xu Que

57.Chapter 55: The Tower of Souls

58.Chapter 56: Go for Wool and Come Home Shorn

59.Chapter 57: I, Xu Que, My Word Is My Bond

60.Chapter 58: He Laughs so Happy

61.Chapter 59: I Simply Want to Do It This Way

62.Chapter 60: People in the Tower

63.Chapter 61: The Demons in the Empress

64.Chapter 62: Open Your Mouth and Contain It

65.Chapter 63: Do You Wanna See My Little Bro?

66.Chapter 64: She Painlessly Lost Her Individual Being

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